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Automotive Single High-Speed, Low-Side Gate Driver with Negative Input Voltage Capability

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The SGM48536BQ is a single high-speed low-side gate driver for MOSFET and IGBT power switches. The device can provide rail-to-rail driving capability and very small propagation delays (18.5ns, TYP). It also provides 4A peak source current and 8A peak sink current (asymmetrical drive) when VDD = 12V. The input can withstand a maximum negative voltage of -10V. 

The operating voltage range is 9V to 25V. The device features under-voltage lockout (UVLO) function. After UVLO is triggered, the output remains low. 

The SGM48536BQ adopts separate output architecture. The separate output structure with asymmetric drive improves the immunity of the device to the parasitic Miller conduction effect and reduces ground bounce. 

The input threshold of the device is compatible with low voltage TTL and CMOS logic, which will not be affected by VDD changes. A Schmitt trigger is used at the input, and a wide range of hysteresis voltage is designed to enhance the immunity. 

The SGM48536BQ is available in a Green SOT-23-6 package. 

This device is AEC-Q100 qualified (Automotive Electronics Council Standard Q100 Grade 1) and the use of this device is suitable for automotive applications.

  • AEC-Q100 Qualified for Automotive Applications Device Temperature Grade 1
    TA = -40℃ to +125℃
  • Asymmetrical Drive
    4A Peak Source Current
    8A Peak Sink Current
  • TTL and CMOS Compatible Logic Threshold
  • Logic Levels Independent of Supply Voltage
  • Hysteretic Input Logic for High Noise Immunity
  • Outputs are Logic Low when Input is Floating
  • Negative Voltage Handling Capability:
    -10V DC at Input
    -2V, 200ns Pulse for Outputs
  • Glitch-Free Operation at Power-Up and Power-Down: Outputs are Pulled Low during Supply UVLO
  • Fast Propagation Delay: 18.5ns (TYP)
  • Fast Rise Time: 9.5ns (TYP)
  • Fast Fall Time: 8ns (TYP)
  • Separate Output Options Allow for Tuning of Turn-on and Turn-off Currents
  • Input Pin Absolute Maximum Voltage Levels Not Restricted by VDD Pin Bias Supply Voltage
  • Available in a Green SOT-23-6 Package

IGBT Driving for Power Supplies
DC/DC Converters
Solar Power, Motor Drivers

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