High Input Voltage, 3A Single-Cell Battery Charger with NVDC Power Path Management

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The SGM41519 is a battery charger and system power path management device with integrated converter and power switches for using with single-cell Li-Ion or Li-polymer batteries. This highly integrated 3A device is capable of fast charging and supports a wide input voltage range suitable for smart phones, tablets and portable systems. I2C programming makes it a very flexible powering and charger design solution.

The device includes four main power switches: input reverse blocking FET (RBFET, Q1), high-side switching FET for Buck or Boost mode (HSFET, Q2), low-side switching FET for Buck or Boost mode (LSFET, Q3) and battery FET that controls the interconnection of the system and battery (BATFET, Q4). The bootstrap diode for the high-side gate driving is also integrated. The internal power path has a very low impedance that reduces the charging time and maximizes the battery discharge efficiency. Moreover, the input voltage and current regulations provide maximum charging power delivery to the battery with various types of input sources.

A wide range of input sources are supported, including standard USB hosts, charging ports and USB compliant high voltage adapters. The default input current limit is automatically selected based on the built-in USB interface. This limit is determined by the detection circuit in the system (e.g. USB PHY). The SGM41519 is USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 power specifications compliant with input current and voltage regulation.

The SGM41519 is capable to boost the battery voltage to supply 5.15V (adjustable 4.85V/5V/5.15V/5.3V) on PMID. The Boost mode is used to charge another battery by the control of PMID_GD. The PMID_GD pin is used to drive an external P-MOSFET to disconnect Boost output PMID from attached accessories.

The system voltage is regulated slightly above the battery voltage by the power path management circuit and is kept above the programmable minimum system voltage (3.5V by default). Therefore, system power is maintained even if the battery is completely depleted or removed. Dynamic power management (DPM) feature is also included that automatically reduces the charge current if the input current or voltage limit is reached. If the system load continues to increase after reduction of charge current down to zero, the power path management provides the deficit from battery by discharging battery to the system until the system power demand is fulfilled. This is called supplement mode, which prevents the input source from overloading.

Starting and termination of a charging cycle can be accomplished without software control. The sensed battery voltage is used to decide for starting phase of charging in one of the three phases of charging cycle: pre-conditioning, constant current or constant voltage. When the charge current falls below a preset limit and the battery voltage is above recharge threshold, the charger function will automatically terminate and end the charging cycle. If the voltage of a charged battery falls below the recharge threshold, the charger begins another charging cycle.

Several safety features are provided in the SGM41519 such as over-voltage and over-current protections, battery temperature monitoring, charging safety timing, thermal shutdown and input UVLO. TS pin is connected to an NTC thermistor for battery temperature monitoring and protection in both charge and Boost modes according to JEITA profile. This device also features thermal regulation in which the charge current is reduced, if the junction temperature exceeds 80 or 120 (selectable).

Charging status is reported by the STAT output and fault/status bits. A negative pulse is sent to the nINT output pin as soon as a fault occurs to notify the host. BATFET reset control is provided by nQON pin to exit ship mode or for a full system reset.

The SGM41519 is available in a Green TQFN-4×4-24L package.


   High Efficiency, 1.5MHz, Synchronous Buck Charger

w  93.8% Charge Efficiency at 1.02A from 5V Input

w  89.8% Charge Efficiency at 2A from 9V Input

w  Optimized for 9V/12V Input

w  Selectable PFM Mode for Light Load Efficiency

   Boost Mode Support

w  Output Voltage Range from 4.85V to 5.3V

w  Boost Efficiency of 93.5% at 0.5A and 92.2% at 1A

w  Output Short Circuit Protection

w  Selectable PFM Mode for Light Load Operations

w  PMID_GD Pin Control External P-MOSFET for Protection against Fault Conditions

   Automatic Switch between Charge and Boost Mode

   Single Input for USB or High Voltage Adapters

w  3.9V to 13.5V Operating Input Voltage Range

w  22V Absolute Maximum Input Voltage Rating

w  Programmable Input Current Limit and Dynamic Power Management (IINDPM, 100mA to 3.2A with 100mA Resolution) to Support USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Standards and High Voltage Adaptors

w  Maximum Power Tracking by Programmable Input Voltage Limit (VINDPM) with Selectable Offset

w  VINDPM Tracking of Battery Voltage

●    High Battery Discharge Efficiency with 26mΩ Switch

   Narrow Voltage DC (NVDC) Power Path Management

w  Instant-On with No or Highly Depleted Battery

w  Ideal Diode Operation in Battery Supplement Mode

●   Ship Mode, Wake-Up and Full System Reset Capability by Battery FET Control

●   Flexible Autonomous and I2C Operation Modes for Optimal System Performance

●   Fully Integrated All MOSFETs, Current Sense and Compensation

  2.5μA Ship Mode Low Battery Leakage Current

   High Accuracy

w  ±0.5% Charge Voltage Regulation (8mV/Step)

w  ±5% Charge Current Regulation at 1.38A

w  ±10% Input Current Regulation at 0.9A


   w  Battery Temperature Sensing (Charge/Boost Modes)

w  Thermal Regulation and Thermal Shutdown

w  Input Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)

w  Input Over-Voltage (ACOV) Protection


Smart Phones, EPOS

Portable Internet Devices and Accessory

Ordering Infomation
Part Number
MSL RatingOperating Temperature RangeMaterial ContentReliability Report
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-40℃ to +85℃
1-24 units : $1.75/unit
25-99 units : $1.5/unit
100-249 units : $1.25/unit
250-499 units : $1/unit
500-999 units : $0.875/unit
1000-9999 units : $0.65/unit
3K-9K : 14 days
10K-99K : 35 days
100K-999K : 84 days
1000K and above : 112 days

* The unit resale price is for reference purposes only. Please contact our distributors for a formal quotation.

** The lead time provided is for reference purposes only and is subject to change based on different circumstances.

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